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Laundry service in Glasgow Getting back to the new “normal” At Harvey's Laundry!

With the hospitality industry slowly starting to return to the new normal Harvey’s Laundry are here to provide 5-star Laundry service in Glasgow.

Now that our hotels and restaurants in Glasgow are getting busy again and customers are taking full advantage of the EAT OUT TO HELP OUT scheme and or streets, bars and restaurants and hotels starting to get that buzz about them that we all missed during lockdown let us at Harveys provide a WOW Laundry service Glasgow.

With COVID- 19 In mind we understand that main concerns at the moment are hygiene and cleaning measure and this is our main focus for our Laundry service Glasgow. All of our linen is washed at 60 degrees or higher, using world leading anti-bacterial detergent designed to kill germs and remove the toughest of stains.

This ensures we are maintaining the toughest possible washing procedures in our laundry service in Glasgow to limit the risk of Coronavirus and help keep your business running smoothly and safely.

Why not WOW your customers with our fantastic hot towel service which can be handed out to your guests after their meal to clean and sanitise their hands and have your customers leaving feeling clean and smelling fresh with the zesty aromas these provide this will add to the customer experience, Harveys Laundry is one of the few laundry service Glasgow that provide this service as well as providing the towels we also provide your business with a towel warmer to keep them hot and these stay moist for up to 2 and a half weeks.

For Laundry service Glasgow Let us take care of it!

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