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The Harveys Story - Where the WOW! Began

Harveys began life in 1992 as a humble domestic laundry service at 161 Great Western Road. Its initial success was down to its most core of values, Deliver Service with WOW!

In 1994 and 1995, two more branches were opened in Maryhill Road and Saracen Street respectively. A demand was recognised for a laundry delivery service 

As the business grew, Harveys began to take on commercial work for Hotels and Restaurants and a small industrial unit was opened in Port Dundas. This was in 1996 and was the birth of Harveys Laundry as we know it today. By 1997 Harveys found itself growing out of this space and decided to purchase its unit at 24 Fairley Street, where it currently operates

24 Fairley Street took one year to prepare for opening. When its was ready, the factory was two-thirds empty, with only two washing machines and one roller. Today, the space is very different, but the central value is still the same... 

Deliver Service With WOW!

Harveys Laundry, 24 Fairley Street, Glasgow, G51 2SN   -   0141 419 0300

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